Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My Landform Description about harbours.


The Wellington Harbour is beside Cook Strait. It covers 70 kilometres in this area
(1.2 miles ) It is wide at its southern end . The Wellington Harbour was built in the  1850s. The Wellington fault line lies along its western shore. An earthquake came 2 years ago in the harbour. There are lots of boats in a harbour. Wellington Harbour is in the North Island. There are lots of buildings around the harbour.  The water temperature of a harbour is 5’C overnight. On Thursday 5 September it’s high was 11’c. The 3 day forecast for the harbour was going to be cold. The summer is 15 degrees warmer in a harbour. There are mountains around the harbour. The harbour is a nice place in Wellington .

 A place where ships can shelter or unload.



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