Friday, 3 April 2015

Saruja- Holiday Reading #1 and #2 ( New Cover and Make a Recommendation)

New Cover

If you could design a new cover for the book what would it look like?  Draw a picture.
Post it onto your blog with the following information.
- Title- Kiki My stylish life
- Author - Kyle May
- Type of Book - Non-Fiction
- Why your cover is better…….
My cover is better, because it got red background but the real book got blue colour, also the girl is looking different and it doesn't have a cat but the real book have a cat.
I think you will really like my cover. My new cover has connecting with the book cover because the real cover has a flowers and my new cover also have a flower.
Image result for kiki the stylish lifeScreenshot 2015-04-01 at 18.21.27.png
Click on the image

Make a Recommendation

Who would you recommend this book to and why?  Write out who you would recommend this book to and give 3 reasons why you think they would like the book.
Post it onto your blog with a comment that tells you:
- Title- Kiki The Stylish Life
- Author- Kyla May
- Type of Book- Made up story
- I would recommend this book to…
Tiare because she is my friend and in this story Kiki likes to hang out with her friends.
I think she will like this books to read. This book is very interesting to read. I have just read like 10 page but I can understand what are they talking about. I really had fun by reading this book. I hope you too.

Image result for kiki the stylish life


Robyn Anderson said...

I think Tiare would also like this book Saruja, don't forget to tell her about it when we get back to school. You have made a great start with your cover redesign. It doesn't show the title or the author though so it would be a good idea to go back and add these in so that other people reading this post would make a connection with teh old cover and your new cover.

Saruja said...

Hi Mrs Anderson
Thank you for your positive feedback also thank you for letting me to change some mistake in my new cover. I diffidently will tell Tiare about this book and let her to read it. I think you having a wonderful holiday with your family. Have a great and Fantastic Holiday

Sanujan said...

Hi Saruja,
Your work is looking shine.
I think you are doing every think right.
Its very interesting to read you work.
Keep up the great work!!

Saruja said...

Thank you Sanujan
For your Positive feedback.

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