Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Freddie Ramos Makes a Splash

Choose your own

Choose your own activity that makes a connection to the book you have read.
Be fun and inventive!
Post it onto your blog with a comment that tells you:

- Title  Freddie Ramos Makes a Splash

- Author Jacqueline jules
- Type of Book
This book is tell me about Freddie. he went to a camp when he walking in sidewalk path he step on a pink gum he feel sad because his shoes is a special for him. he saw a handbag he don’t know who is this . He saw a girl riding a green bike he asked is this yours she get the handbag  run away . he said i can’t leave he with that bag. He said she make me a hero. He try to run very fast he can’t because he stuck on the gum.  Mr. Vaslov asked what Happen freddie said the girl got someone handbag. he go get something to get the gum away from his shoes . When i came of he run very fast got the girl . He said i had a hero job to do.

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Ms. Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Saruja,
This is a bit about the book? How about trying one of the activities?
Also pls. check your use of i instead of I

Saruja said...

Ok Mrs Kirkpatrick I will try to do one of the activities about this book and i will also check my "I".

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