Monday, 16 December 2013

Small animals in an estuary

Small Animals In An Estuary

Estuaries are important in New Zealand to find lots of food. Estuary water comes from mountains that meets fresh water in the sea.Estuary creature are living in an estuary.

There are Millions of creatures live in mud and sand. An estuary is fresh water thats meets up with the sea water and comes clean for fish and other things . An estuary water can be really cold for fish, shellfish, starfish and other things live in water.

Birds are living in millions of small creatures mud and detritus attacks all animals in forest. Mud worms live in under the sand so they can find food to eat.

Lots of birds are come to estuary to catch a lot fish in the water.Fish are food to humans , birds and other thing . Birds eats most of fish in the world.

Estuary animals and fish are important for humans and for world.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013
    How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

I learnt how to do xtramath from  my teacher and friends. I learnt about how to use definition to find a word. I learnt how to bookmark  my important things in my folder. I learnt from my friend how to manage my self in the library. I helped a new person to open her document , logging in  her blog.  I helped them how to managing self in the classroom and for teachers , how to go on the class sites  and put her work in their right folder.  Having my netbook helps me thinking to do all my work correctly.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Water Care

                                                            Water Care

On Monday 2 December Sally from Water care come to teach us about water. First she teach us about where the water comes from.Then she teach when we press the toilet it goes to sea and comes back  clean so we can drink that water. We also can put in the filter. When she finished teaching us about the water she teach us how to make rainbow in the water. We need three containers and put half water each cup and we use salt and mixed then put colouring so it will make a rainbow . She told us to use Red,Yellow and Blue. We mixed colours and made different colours.I made purple. I used blue and red to make purple. We all know how to make a rainbow.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My work about time game

Today I practiced my time game. I worked very hard but I got half of the questions wrong. I need to practice more with the time game. I will do better than today.