Thursday, 9 April 2015

Saruja- Holiday Reading #21 ( Make Recommendation )

Make a Recommendation

Who would you recommend this book to and why?  Write out who you would recommend this book to and give 3 reasons why you think they would like the book.
Post it onto your blog with a comment that tells you:
- Title- Vicious Vikings ( Splats, hats and lots of RATS!)
- Author- terry deary
- Type of Book- Non- Fiction
- I would recommend this book to……..
I started to read this book on Tuesday 5th but I read it very quickly because it got big words but lots of pages. I took time to read book and Now I would recommend this book to Mengchun because
  • She always read Non- Fiction, Fiction and Mystery books.
  • She always read books at school.
  • She can understand what is that book talking about.

I think She will like this book!!

I hope you too!


Fine said...

Hi Saruja,
Your reasons are very logical and detailed! :) You might need to recheck your spelling though.

Yours Sincerely,

Saruja said...

Thank you Fine for letting me that have spelling mistakes.

Robyn Anderson said...

These are clear reasons for suggesting this book to Menchung. It would be interesting to know if she enjoyed learning about Vikings. I love these Horrible Histories books. They are a really interesting way of learning about the past. Next time you're in the library have a look and see if we have 'The Frightful First World War'. This would help you to understand our new topic.

Saruja said...

Hello Mrs Anderson,
I am so happy that you like my activities and my recommendation. Yes Mrs Anderson I will be in the library and have a look if we have the book that can help me o understand the new topic. I have learn lots of new words from this book and now I know how to talk about past. This book helped me by learn about past and diffident Mengchun will like this book. Also thank you Mrs Anderson for your wonderful and positive feedback. Have a great day, I will see you soon.
Saruja :)

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