Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Saruja- MIT Group Reveal Paragraph

School Assembly

I was enthusiastic to do a present for our first school assembly because this was my second time doing assembly at PBS. My heart was beating very very fast because I was excited and worried to stand on the stage and greeting our Visitors. When Mrs Anderson sold me that I have to ring the bell, that time I was frozen and frightened because I thought I will ring the bell in wrong time, so I was looking at the paper lots of time so I won't get anything wrong and I also can speak well. If I speak careless front of our special visitors, people will laugh at me and I will become a shame girl at PBS, so I was prepared probably and concentration. At the assembly this is  my first sentence that I said to greet our special visitor was “ welcome to our term 1 first school  assembly”  That time I can’t  believe that I speak effectively front of stage”.


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