Saturday, 4 April 2015

Saruja- Holiday reading #5 ( Activity )

Get Active

If there is a sport or activity that is part of your book.  Get out and give it a go.  Running, Hiking, Skateboarding. Try and get a photo or write about your experience on your blog:
-Title- Kiki My stylish life
- Author - Kyle May
- Type of Book - Non-Fiction
- Activity you did.
My activity is  a drawing because it this story the main purpose is drawing. Thats how they won lots of prizes. I draw a rose because my favourite flower is rose and in the story they didn't say what picture they have draw so I draw my favourite flower.
This is my picture.


Sanujan said...

WOW Saruja,
I really like your Image.
If you add you your drawing it will be more interesting but you id a fantastic job.
Keep up the great work!!
Sanujan. S

Saruja said...

Thank you Sanujan For you positive feedback.
Thank you for letting me know to put the drawing image o the paige.

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