Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Saruja and Tiare- ifaketext ( Compound and Simple conversation)

Today we both did ifaketext about Simple and Compound. I really like Tiare's question and I really like how she asked. She doesn't know what does simple sentence mean , so I told he what it that mean. This is how people can learn some thing form others. Thats what we did, now Tiare know what does simple sentence have.

Saruja and Tiare- Online Activity ( Compound and Simple)

Mis Donaldson set us a online activity about compound and simple. We did tis activity individually and We got everything correct. Some question were hard for me , but We try my best and get everything correct. But W still need to lean about complex.

Saruja and Tiare- Simple and Compound sentences (DLO)

Today we were talking types of sentence. We made this DLO about simple and compound sentence. We put some example about compound and simple sentence.  We need to FANBOYS for our sentence, so your sentence will make sense to the readers. We learnt lots of thing about Simple and Compound. I hope you too. 

Saruja and Mahdia- Persuasive Writing Converestation

Today we made this google drawing conversation.From this we leant that persuasive writing is very important. For this activity we have to choose a person from Rm 6 and we have to share ting that we learnt in room 5 about persuasive writing. We both leant about persuasive writing.I hope you to.  

Monday, 29 June 2015

Saruja - Term 2 Reflection

I did this presentation to show you what I have done at school during Term 2. During term 2 I  have been new things that I don't know from my teachers. I told you what new things that I have learnt. I think for me Term 2 is better.

Thinking Group Task: Kiwis (Fine, Saruja, Santat and Tim)

Today My group, Fine, Tim and Santat, worked on a equation that Mrs Donaldson. It was very tricky but Room 5 worked it out together. We all did put together our strategies, including Mine. We did similar strategies. 

Saruja- Simple and compound sentences

Types of Sentences

Learning Intention:
To understand how to write simple and compound sentences

Your task is to write a simple and compound sentences for the photographs below.  Try and make your sentences creative and interesting. Remember, a simple sentence needs a subject and a verb.  Don’t forget about FANBOYS!

Simple sentences

There was man like serf with his friends.

two dogs like to play in the water.

Mr Jack was looking at the ducks.

Compound Sentences

Marks was in blue team, but everyone in the tam was mean to him and not let him play rugby.

Four men went to a forest to get a picture of the bear, but the bear was chasing them after.

Chin Chan had to have an injection at  
school, but he was scared and he was angry.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saruja- Comment ( Zeba )

Saruja said...
Hi Zeba,
You did a brilliant job, because you poster is looking perfect and powerful.I really like how you chosen that colours. I think you did well.
Keep it up,

Your sincerely,

I made this comment for Zeba, because she did a brilliant job with Sajiha. I think she did well. 

Saruja- Comment ( Fine )

Saruja said...
Hi Fine,
This is a best homework , I ever seen. You have add lots of facts and information about him. I really like how you add the facts in one slide and you add a quote. I really like how you explained about Telescope. I think you did brilliant and amazing work.

Keep it up!

Your Sincerely,

I made this comment for Fine, because she did a brilliant work on her homework. I think she did well. She have add lots of information about Galileo and facts about him. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Saruja Xtramtha

Today I did my Xtramath and I got everything correct. Then I move to subtraction. I couldn't believe I got all of them right.  I finished my first XtraMaths account and this is my second account.  I think I did my best.

Saruja and Tiare- Current Events

Today I did this current events with Tiare. We did a article called Do Jumped Of Wairoa Bridge. We read that article then we have to activity. For the activity we have to answer some question about the dog. This is a sad article ever have read. Make sure you look after your dog and be kind.

Saruja - Homework ( Galilio

This week homework is about Galileo Galileo. I did this presentation to show you about Galileo. I have add a link about him and his history.  To do this home work we have to do some smart searching kills.  I also did some searching  skills about him, because  he famous and it's very hard to find  information about him. I try my best to find information abut him and writing it with my own words. I think this information will helps you to learn about him. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Saruja- ifaketext

Today I did this with Jasmine. She was asking me some questions and I was answering them.
She asked me some perfect question about flag. Her first question was Do you thing should NZ change their flag. I really like that question and it was interesting. I really like to do work like this and it was useful for me because I show the audience what I thing about flag.

Do you thing it's fair to change the flag?
I don't thing so..

Saruja and Tim- popplet ( Should we change the flag ?)

Yesterday Tim and I created a popplet for if NZ should change their flag. So I did The No Reasons and Saruja did the yes reasons. and then after We were done doing that we went on to do NZ flags. Me and Saruja also put at the top the Learning Intention, OREO, which means Opinion, Reasons, Explanation, Opinion (Again). The last thing we did was use facts and statistics. We were shocked at the percentages.

Saruja- Road block

Today I did my road block. It's all about Compound, Complex and simple sentence. 
I think I did well, because I go 77 smart score, but the question are 100, but I got 77. I thin I need to focus and click the correct answer.

Saruja and Jasmine - ifaketxt ( Why should we change the flag ?)

Saruja : Hi Jasmine, Do you think it's fair to change NZ flag? 
Jasmine : Yes, because people should have a chance to choose a different flag for New Zealand. 
Saruja : Can you give me a reason why should we change NZ fag? 
Jasmine : Sure I have lots of reason, but I will give you one by one , My first reason is because people confuse the Australian and the New Zealand Flag. It is a confusion because it has a similar pattern. My second reason is because some people like to have black and white colour because it represents the All Blacks. 
Saruja : That's a good reason. Can you tell me how many people are agree to change the flag? 
Jasmine : Sure, I hope half of NZ are agree to change the flag. Saruja : I think so, because on the website it says that 80% of people agree to change the flag. Why should we change the flag? Is there any important reason? 
Jasmine : I think we should change because the NZ Flag doesn't represent Maori Culture. 
Saruja : You answered all the question perfectly and you gave me lots of reasons, I hope this answer will helps me to learn why should we change the flag.

Today we mad ifaketext and we have to talk about Why should we changethe flag. I worked with Jasmine and I was askin her questiona, she was answering me. She did well and we were working together. I thought when I was asking her a question, I felt lik I was typing on phone, because I was sending her a massage on computer and it works. This is a col activity that i did in my life.  Try this website and see if it works for you. 

Saruja and Tiare -

Today we learnt how to use, because for us that was a new website. To work on this website we need to get a partner, so we can talk to each other about our learning.  I really like how it works like a mobile phone, because it show all the things that we type. I think this is a cool website for kids, so they can learn some thing new.  We really enjoyed by using this website.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Saruja- Netball cerfitcate

On Friday, Yvette and I got a certificate. For Yvette for writing and for me it a certificate for netball. I am proud of my self to get a certificate and it's for spurt. Last year I also got a certificate for cross country because I came second. I am am happy to get certificate for this year and last year.

Saruja- Xtramath Certificate

Displaying Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.09.10 pm.png
Mrs Anderson share my xtra math  certificate. I am so happy that I finished my division.
Now I can do division better because xtra math helps me to answer it fast. I will thank Mrs Anderson for sharing my Extra math certificate.

Saruja- Comment ( Patrick )

Saruja said...
Hi Patrick,
Wow you did a great work. Your answer 4 x 11 =? in 91 seconds.
It's good ! I can see that you worked so hard to keep your second low not high. This is how you can improve you times table and try to do them again , and see if you did better that this one.
Keep it up!

Your Sincerely,
Saruja :)

I did this comment to Patrick. He did a wonderful work buy learning  his 11 times table. He answer all the question well, but he need to answer them little bit fast, so he will get 92s or 95s. Anyway I think he did a fantastic work. 

Saruja- Comment ( Yvette )

 Saruja said...
Hello Yvette,
This is wonderful and fantastic letter to editor, because you have been used some new words that some kids doesn't know. This is how people can improve their writing by using some hard words and explained it. You have done it, which mean that you are good writer. From this I learned that this is how we write a letter to other and it have to be very clear, so the reader can understand what are we talking about. You did a magnificent and awesome work.

Keep it up!!

Your Sincerely,
Saruja :)

I did a comment this morning and I was looking all the blog and I saw wonderful letter to the editor and it was Yvette. I never read letter like that, because she have used some hard  word and she wrote the letter powerful. I think that she did a wonderful work.

Saruja- Homework ( Cars)

For this week homework we had to a DLO or Presentation about car.  I diced to do all about car parts and I thought it will be easy, but it very hard to find information about it. So I searched up like this How Cars Work? It show all the information about and I wrote them in my won word, so it will be interesting for reader. I also put the link, so people can learn more information that didn't got on my presentation.  This week homework is better, because I learn lots of information about cars and the main important this for car in engines.  I hope you will also learn some information from this presentation. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Saruja- Map

We were doing ome different activity with Mr Strang and he decided to learn about maps.
We have to answer some question and colour the picture. I had lots of fun by doing this activity. 

Saruja- Thank you Letter To Mr Thompson

To Mr Thompson
Headland Park Whangarei

Dear Mr Thompson,

Thank you for taking your time and explaining your experience by writing books. We are very lucky to have you at PBS, because we learnt lots of things from you.  Mr Strang told us that you are a good writer, because he read one of the book that you have written and everyone enjoyed it. When Mr Strang read that book, I felt sad and sorry for Uncle Owen. We are really happy, because we ask you lots of question and I learned that it can upto 4 or 5 years to get information, write it and edit it.  From this everyone decide to be a writer like you, because you wrote a book about your Uncle Owen with a feelings. Thank you again to taking our time and talk all about your looks and told us how many day it will take to edit and write a book.

Thank you so much

Your Sincerely,
From Panmure Bridge School

On Thursday Mr Thompson invite Panmure Bridge school. We learn lots of this from him and he told us how hard is to writ sand story and edit it. Mr Strang told us to write a thank you letter for him, because he took his time and he talk to us about his books. We had a wonderful time with and we learnt some new things from him.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Saruja- Commenting

Today I did a blog commenting to Patrick. He did a wonderful job by learning his new words in room 5. It will be better if he learn  hard words and do some dictation like this.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maori Battalion Feelings - Tim

Today Tiare, Tim and I. We wrote about Maori Battalion on how we felt hearing the words and how we felt in the war if we were in it. 

Saruja, Tim and Tiare - Maori Contingent

Today Tim,Tiare and I made a poster for men to join the Maori Contingent. In the poster it says, At the top it says that to come and fight for our country. Then below it says that all men are allowed to participate in the war. 

Timeline about Maori Battalion - Saruja, Tiare and Tim

Today Tiare, Tim and I, did a timeline on Maori Battalion. We went from 5th August, 1914 to 25 April 1915. We talked about being sended to Egypt, and when Britain declares war against Germany thats when it all started.

Saruja- W8 Home Learning Challenge

For this week homework we have to make a DLO about Burger King. You can talk about" How make burger or you can talk about the history. I made a DLO about burger king, it has information, How to make burger, Interesting Fact also some meaning, because in the information it has some hard words that people don't know,so I put some meaning about it. I hope you like my poster and learn how to make burger. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Saruja, Tim and Tiare -Collage Of Maori Battalion

Today I did a collage, about the Maori Battalion. I worked with Saruja and Tiare and we all worked together to form this collage. We have another activity in progress, which I will hopefully be putting it on my blog.

Saruja, Tiare and Tim - Letter ToThe Editor


Google Doc

Dear Sir         23/08/1915                     
Today we would like to ask you some questions about WW1. We read your article that says that brown people are not allowed to fight in WW1. We are confused. Is this because they are not good at fighting or because you think they won’t focus? Our  question is why should our native soldiers only be allowed to dig ditches? Is there a reason why white people won’t let brown people take part in the war properly? Why shouldn’t all NZ people participate in the war?

We think it is unfair that our brave native men are left to dig out trenches while other soldiers fight for their country. We think all people should have the right to fight for their country!

We feel that all New Zealand soldiers should’ve been involved in the fighting.
Yours Sincerely,

Saruja, Tim and Tiare

Today Tim, Tiare and I, did a letter to the editor. We have stated our opinions and we hopefully didn't do it in a negative way, we just felt like stating our opinions and why brown people had to dig our trenches instead of fighting for their country or our country. Brown people are also known as native people.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Saruja- Xtramath

Today I did my Xtramath. I was on 2 sc, because  I move to net level , but I was in addition. 
I really like  to Xtramath, becasue I learned how to answer it fast and Now I have to answer it very fast becasue it says that I have to answer under 2s. I thought it very hard, but I try and I just got 1 wrong and all of them are simply face. I think I did well and I can do better than this time and get everything correct.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Saruja- Jerry Collins ( Current Events)

After the sad news of Jerry Collins on the weekend , I have created this DLO that celebrate his  positive contribution in Rugby. I created this DLO with Zeba, we also work hard and we also put lots of positive contribution each other. We have learned that he is a best rugby player in New Zealand.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Saruja- Animals In WW1

I did this popplet with Shantay about Animals In WW1. We did these to learn how many animals lost their life in wars and we have to make a presentation about it. We are not allow to use google draw or google presentation, because we have to make that presentation more effective. We really enjoyed to learn about WW1 animals becasue they work hard to safe the soldiers.

Saruja- Week 7 homework ( How The Eyes Work?)

I did this homework for this week. Our topic was " How Eyes Work". Everyone did their own presentation and they told us about it. Everyone did a wonderful job and they took time to do their homework. This kind of homework helps me to understand about how eyes work, becasue I don't know how the yes work, but now I do. I really like to do home in this way. 

Saruja- Xtramath Math Certificate

I got my certificate for Xtramath. I got this certificate today for  subtraction and multiplication.  I have passed Multiplication and now I am on division and I am very proud of myself for getting to division in the first week.  I think I did my best to move to next level and I will get my division certificate maybe next week .

Saruja- Xtramath




Today I did my xtramath and I was in subtraction then I move to Multiplication and division. I think I did well today. Next time I can do better on division and get everything correct. In division I got 6 wrong, In multiplication I got everything correct and In subtraction I got 2 wrong. I think I did well. Next time i will do better than this.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Saruja - Xtramath

Today I did my xtramath, and I think I did well becasue I got everything correct and for race the teacher I got 98 smiley face. I can't believe I did it and I can't believe I got 98. Next time I will do better than this and move to next level.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Saruja- Mum Blog Commenting

Today My mum went on my blog and comment the work I have done this term. She is happy with my work that I have done in Rm 5.  I will make her more happier by working hard and famous on my work. I think this term I did a wonderful job, next term I will do better than this term. 

Saruja- Xtramath

Today I did my xtramath and it is much better than before becasue I just got 1 wrong and I change to a next level. My second level is subtraction. I think I did well on that becasue I got 5 wrong. Next time I will try my best and get everything correct.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Saruja- 2015( Xtramath )

Today we did xtramath. Everyone did addition and everyone did a wonderful work because they got everything correct.  I think this will helps you to do your math very fast becasue I can't believe I did well becasue I just got 2 wrong. Next time i will do better than this and get everything correct.