Sunday, 21 June 2015

Saruja- Comment ( Yvette )

 Saruja said...
Hello Yvette,
This is wonderful and fantastic letter to editor, because you have been used some new words that some kids doesn't know. This is how people can improve their writing by using some hard words and explained it. You have done it, which mean that you are good writer. From this I learned that this is how we write a letter to other and it have to be very clear, so the reader can understand what are we talking about. You did a magnificent and awesome work.

Keep it up!!

Your Sincerely,
Saruja :)

I did a comment this morning and I was looking all the blog and I saw wonderful letter to the editor and it was Yvette. I never read letter like that, because she have used some hard  word and she wrote the letter powerful. I think that she did a wonderful work.


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