Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Saruja and Jasmine - ifaketxt ( Why should we change the flag ?)

Saruja : Hi Jasmine, Do you think it's fair to change NZ flag? 
Jasmine : Yes, because people should have a chance to choose a different flag for New Zealand. 
Saruja : Can you give me a reason why should we change NZ fag? 
Jasmine : Sure I have lots of reason, but I will give you one by one , My first reason is because people confuse the Australian and the New Zealand Flag. It is a confusion because it has a similar pattern. My second reason is because some people like to have black and white colour because it represents the All Blacks. 
Saruja : That's a good reason. Can you tell me how many people are agree to change the flag? 
Jasmine : Sure, I hope half of NZ are agree to change the flag. Saruja : I think so, because on the website it says that 80% of people agree to change the flag. Why should we change the flag? Is there any important reason? 
Jasmine : I think we should change because the NZ Flag doesn't represent Maori Culture. 
Saruja : You answered all the question perfectly and you gave me lots of reasons, I hope this answer will helps me to learn why should we change the flag.

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