Friday, 19 June 2015

Saruja- Thank you Letter To Mr Thompson

To Mr Thompson
Headland Park Whangarei

Dear Mr Thompson,

Thank you for taking your time and explaining your experience by writing books. We are very lucky to have you at PBS, because we learnt lots of things from you.  Mr Strang told us that you are a good writer, because he read one of the book that you have written and everyone enjoyed it. When Mr Strang read that book, I felt sad and sorry for Uncle Owen. We are really happy, because we ask you lots of question and I learned that it can upto 4 or 5 years to get information, write it and edit it.  From this everyone decide to be a writer like you, because you wrote a book about your Uncle Owen with a feelings. Thank you again to taking our time and talk all about your looks and told us how many day it will take to edit and write a book.

Thank you so much

Your Sincerely,
From Panmure Bridge School

On Thursday Mr Thompson invite Panmure Bridge school. We learn lots of this from him and he told us how hard is to writ sand story and edit it. Mr Strang told us to write a thank you letter for him, because he took his time and he talk to us about his books. We had a wonderful time with and we learnt some new things from him.


Sanujan said...

Hi Saruja,
This is a wonderful letter to Mr Thompson, I hope he will like it. It will be better if you put a photo of him, because you writing is better, but you don't have background. Next time when you are writing a letter to some one make sure you put some background, do it will be eye catching for readers. But anyway you did a great job.
Keep up the great work!

Your Sincerely,
Sanujan :)

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