Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Saruja, Tiare and Tim - Letter ToThe Editor


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Dear Sir         23/08/1915                     
Today we would like to ask you some questions about WW1. We read your article that says that brown people are not allowed to fight in WW1. We are confused. Is this because they are not good at fighting or because you think they won’t focus? Our  question is why should our native soldiers only be allowed to dig ditches? Is there a reason why white people won’t let brown people take part in the war properly? Why shouldn’t all NZ people participate in the war?

We think it is unfair that our brave native men are left to dig out trenches while other soldiers fight for their country. We think all people should have the right to fight for their country!

We feel that all New Zealand soldiers should’ve been involved in the fighting.
Yours Sincerely,

Saruja, Tim and Tiare

Today Tim, Tiare and I, did a letter to the editor. We have stated our opinions and we hopefully didn't do it in a negative way, we just felt like stating our opinions and why brown people had to dig our trenches instead of fighting for their country or our country. Brown people are also known as native people.


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