Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Saruja- Time Table( Image)

I did this activity today and I got lots of trophi for that games. I did level 4,6,7 and 8 now I am trying to do level 9. It help me to do my times table fast as I can and I got everything correct. These all my trophy. I think I did well.
These all the activity that I did. It help and It help me to do it on time because if I was doing it to slow the time will run out and I will get some wrong, so I was trying to do it fast as I can and got everything correct.
This math game will help you to learn your times table and help you to do it fast.

Saruja and Tiare- Spelling

LI: To develop an understanding of words that will guide our inquiry topic
What I think it means
Dictionary Meaning
Culture is that people relations and culture also mean sometimes people talking in different languages and different traditional cloths.
Page 89
Culture mean that the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
Kiwi is New Zealand National and when people born in New Zealand and they are Kiwi’s.
Page 251
Nations mean people of all nations. community, country, and,people,race,society and state
Citizen is people  come to New Zealand from different countries and get citizen from New Zealand Immigration.
Citizen mean a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.
Countries are that people lives and stay with their family.
Country mean a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory.
Identify is that you are remembering
Identify means establish or indicate who or what (someone or something) is.
identity is a similarity
Identity means that the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.
Kiwi is people’s icon from New Zealand
Kiwi means a flightless New Zealand bird with hair-like feathers, having a long down curved bill with sensitive nostrils at the tip.
Icon is a devotional painting of Christ
Page 218
Icon mean a picture or state,especially one used for religious purposes. A symbol used in computer system to represent a program,choice and widow
Develop mean that people get their own jobs and be rich.
Develop means grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.
maintain is following the rules
Maintain means cause or enable a condition or situation to continue.
Emblem is to sign
Emblem means a heraldic device or symbolic object as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family.
Symbols is a mark for work
Symbol means a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing for a chemical element or a character in musical notation.
Immigration is helping the people when they come like refugees. There are lots of immigration.
Immigrate means come to live permanently in a foreign country.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Saruja- Ancestral poem

I did this poem because In Rm5 we talk about our own culture. I did my culture Sri Lanka and rest of them were talking about their own culture.  I really like to write poem and this is the first time I wrote a poem by myself. I think I did well at this and I have learn lots of new word from this.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Saruja- Times Table Game (result)


I did this activity to see what level am I up to on 13 times table. I think I did well because I got 32 second first time and Now I got 30 second. I think I have been improved and this is the first time i have doen 13 times table very fast and quick and I didn't got anything wrong. Next time I will do better than this time.

You can see how far you are by playing this game
Times Table Games

Malama Honua

I did this prezi with a classmate, about the welcoming Hokulea. On Wednesday, we went to welcome a waka from Hawaii and we were so lucky to experience this. We took lots of photos and the waka was an average size and looked nice. There were two wakas. One waka was already there but we were welcoming the other one that was coming. When we are arrived at the Point England beach, we had lots of fun. We sang He honore, very loud and clear. PBS had loads of fun over there and also had fun by walking.

Saruja- Cricket world cup 2015

I did this presentation about 2015 cricket world cup. I am so happy that I learn how many people played cricket in 2015. Sri lankan also play cricket in 2015. I have learn lots if information about Bert Sutcliffe because he is  the famous cricket player in auckland. I have been chosen Sri Lankan country because i know who played in the final. I have learn lots of information and detail about Bert Sutcliffe and I think you also.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Saruja- Home- Term 1 Collage

I have done this Pizap with photos because these photos are my work that I have done in Term 1 2015.
I think I did lots of work this Term. Every classes were working hard at their classroom. I 'm so happy that I am also working hard.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Saruja- Rm 5 math presentation

Hi this is me Saruja, I think you will like my presentation that I made for Mrs Anderson to put on Rm 5 sites. She was working so hard because to make us to do our math well and trying to get everything correct at exam, so I think this presentation will make her happy and I think it will make you also happy. 

Saruja- Rm 5 writing group presentation

Hi this is me saruja, I made this presentation for Mrs Anderson to put it on Rm 5 sites. I am so happy that Mrs anderson really like it. I think you also like it!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Saruja- Story about Shavaughn Ruakere and Duffy.

Hi This me Saruja, 
Today I am going to talk about our visitor Shavaughn Ruakere. She came to our school for our Duffy assembly. She came to our school like reading role model. She was talking us about book. She said that she become famous actress by reading books. She also act a movie called Shortland street. She became a famous by acing Shortland street. I think all PBS students will read books and get better life. In  duffy assembly she was the one who is going to hand out the books. Our teacher ask that can we take a group picture with. She said " Yes".  This is the group photo that we took. We really had fun with her at Duffy assembly. We are so lucky to have a famous actress to PBS.

We will say a big big that you for Shavaughn Ruakere for coming to PBS and Hand out the duffy books. 
A big special thank you for our Main Fight for sending us a awesome books  to read.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Saruja, Fine, Time and Dontalian- Math Strategy

Fine, Tim, Dontalian and I did a DLO about math strategy because we did to understand how do we solve number problem. That time I was doing reading with Mrs Anderson but I am in that group. Our question was: Ohmar to a story that was 823 words long.  He had written 439 by morning tea. How many words does he need to write for homework.  The answer they got is 823. I think thiws si a the easy way to do your addition.

Saruja, Juanita and Courtney - Multiplication Homework

Hello This is me Saruja. I did this Presentation with my partner  and they are Juanita and Content. We did this presentation to understand about multiplication.
We decided to put 3 multiplication games on our presentation so people can practice to do multiplication. We also add timetable up to 12 so people can learn it. All the students need to learn timetables because it is very very important.
I think you will have fun by playing multiplication games. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Saruja- Independent Reading Challenge( Creating)

 I did this quiz for creating task because this task for  independent reading Challenge(IRC). I read a article called the Puia Hangi. I really like that book because they talk about how to Puia hangi. Puia Hangi book is great because you can learn hoe to make it. I think independent reading challenge is good because they will help up to read and do some activities about the book. This task is very good for us!

Saruja- Independent Reading Challenge Task( Creating)

I did this quiz for creating task because this task for  independent reading Challenge(IRC). I read a article called the First Rugby Balls. I really like that book because they talk about how to make a book , The worse this was that they make a rugby balls with pigs bladder. I really like to independent reading challenge because they will help up to read and do some activities about the book. This task is very good for us!

Subtraction Poster: Saruja, Jasmine, Courtney, Sebastian and Halatoa

Mrs Anderson set me and my team which includes of Me, Jasmine, Courtney, Sebastian and Halatoa. We made a subtraction poster about subtraction. We had to write what subtraction means and some examples about subtraction. We had a really fun time making this. I think the purple and the blue really stands out really good. 

Saruja- Duffy Books

Dear Duffy 
Dear Shavaughn Ruakere

This is me with my Duffy Book. I choose Kiki My Stylish Life and Magic Molly The shy piglet. I Choose these book because they are interesting to read.  I really like  to read magic book and sometime I really read Non - Fiction book because they will talk about real stories. We got these books at assmenlt from Shavaughn Ruakere. She is an actress and she act a movie called Shortland Street. I am so glad to get a dufy book from her because I didn't see any actress in my lifes. Every students at PBS are lucky to get book from Duffy and Shavaughn Ruakere. Each students will get two book and they have to choose their own book. A big thank you for Mainfight for sending us a awesome books to read and huge thank you for Shavaughn Ruakere for coming to PBS and be a good reading role model also thank you handing out our Duffy book.

Thank You Duffy 
Thank you Shavaughn Ruakere

Saruja and Juanita- Math DLO

We did this DLO for understanding how to make tens and ones I work with my partner Saruja because we were doing the same activity.I think this strategy will help you to do adding easier.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Saruja- Writing

A sentence  is a group of words  that explain a subject or idea. There are three types of sentences, simple,compound and complex. A simple sentence includes one verb and one main idea. A compound has two or more ideas and includes words that help us join two ideas together. The third sentence type, a complex sentence, has two ideas joint together. One idea is the main and the other idea backs up the information. If we were to use incorrect punctuation, It will change the meaning and it won’t make sense.

Fine, Saruja, Jacob, Paige, and Raymond,Tiare and Dontalian. We did this work because On Tuesday we were talking about writing and we have to write a sentence about writing. I think we got a fantastick sentce abutwrting. I have learn lots of new things about writing. For Eg. Punctuation and F.A.N.B.O.Y.S. I tjink you will also learn new things from this piece of writing.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Saruja- Typing Club

I did this typing skill to see how fast I can type. This is my result for typing club was 94,97 and 98 % and My time was 17, 18 and 24.I think my best score is 98% and my fastest time was 17 second. This typing skills will help you to get better at typing without looking at the keyboard.

Here is the link for you to practicing you typing skills. Click Here

Friday, 13 March 2015

Saruja- quiz about Puai Hangi

I did this quiz about Puai Hangi. I did for my IRC ( Independent Reading Challenge). I did this activity for 2 times. I really like to do IRC because it good for us because it help us to answer the questions easily. This work help me to ask some questions for others and also answering someone else questions.

Saruja- Treasure Hunt (NIE)

Treasure Hunt (NIE)

  • When did William Hobson and James Busby begin writing the Treaty of Waitangi?
William Hobson and James Busby began writing the treaty on January 29, 1840.

  • Which tribe didn’t like the Government until June 5 2013?
Ngai Tuhoe didn’t like the government. But on June 4th 2013 both parties signed a deed of settlement for the Tuhoe Treaty claim.

  • Who is famous for chopping down the flagpole?
Hone Heke is famous for chopping down the flagpole that displayed the Union Jack, This was because he was angry that it was not his flag.

  • What were the key misunderstandings of the Treaty?
Due to lack of translation, Maori had signed away their rights. Maori were signing an agreement to give a little of their rights but the treaty lacked proper definition of Maori words.

  • What were the pessimistic views (page 6) some Ngai Tuhoe had towards the Treaty of Waitangi settlement?
Some Ngai Tuhoe thought that the Crown were still seizuring land due to their rocky past.

  • What is happening in the photograph on page 5?
A hikoi against the Marine and Coastal Area Bill makes its way through Auckland.

  • On page 1, which chief who told Hobson and Busby to “return to your own country”?
Ngati Hine chief Te Ruki Kawiti

  • Which two political parties created the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act?
The National Party and Maori Party.
  • Which country was attempting to take over  New Zealand in 1835?
british and french
  • Which page has a painting which shows the national flag from 1834?
The National flag painting was on page 2

  • How much land had Maori lost by 1910?
Maori had lost 99 percent of the South Island and 75 percent of the North Island.

  • After the land wars, the Crown confiscated land off Iwi in what areas? The Crown confiscated land off Iwi in Taranaki, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay and The East Coast.

  • What is the 10th word in the article Declaration of Independence?
The 10th word in the article Declaration of Independance was Hui
  • What event happened just before the Waitangi Tribunal was created?
The hikoi

  • Which page features a picture of Prime Minister John Key and Tamati Kruger engaging in a hongi?
Page 6 feature Prime Minister John Key and Tamati Kruger engaging a hongi.

  • Which region celebrated Waitangi Day by attempting a world record for the most people doing ti rakau simultaneously?
This region was Palmerston North.

  • When did Waitangi first become a public holiday?
Waitangi first became a public holiday in February 6th 1974. The original name was New Zealand day but shortly changed 2 years later

  • Find one interesting fact from the newspaper
I found it interesting how the Maoris had lost a huge amount of land

Saruja- Comment for DJae

This is my comment for DJae. he did a wonderful work for his silhouette face. He work really good and focus on his work. He did a amazing work.

Saruja- Comment for Evelyn

This is my comments for Evelyn. 
She got 12 out of 12 .
She did a wonder work at number knowledge.
This is the way she have learnt some skills during this game.
She id a amazing work.

Saruja- Comment for Tim

This is Tim word Cloud
I did this comment for Tim because he did a wonderful tagul for his silhouette face and he chose a wonderful design for his word cloud. His word cloud kind of like a flower. I think he did a wonderful job.

Saruja- Math strategy

On Monday my group did math with Mrs Anderson. We learnt about how to solve addition question by first making ten and the adding what's left over.  Wed did this for example so we will know how to do this activity. This math is good because you breaking the number into ten. For example 8+7=?  so you break the seven . Which it was 2 and 5 and you plus 8 and 2 and the answer is 10 after that you plus 10 and 5 which is make 15. You got the 8+7=15. This math skills help me to do it well.I think this is a easy way to do your addition at school or at home.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Saruja, Jasmine and Tiare- Migration Survey

At school we are learning about " Why people move to NZ", because some people move to NZ of war and some people move to NZ to get a better life for their children. Some people move to NZ to become a Kiwi.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Saruja- Reading Group

I did this presentation for Mrs Anderson to put it on Rm5 Sites because I made this for our reading group. I Think Mrs Anderson really like and I think you also like it.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Saruja- Feedback from my parents.

This is my feedback from My parents. I share my blog with them and I talk to them what have done this year.  I was really happy to share my blog with my parents and they really also like my blog.  They really like my work that  I have done at school this year. They comment me in Tamil and English so people can read in English and Tamil.

Saruja and Jasmine- Powtoon

 We did this Powtoon to explain a Maths Strategy that Jasmine and I did together collaboratively in partners. We were learning how to solve and addition question by making and 10 into a tidy number and then adding the numbers that have been left out. We choose to do this DLO (Digital Learning Object) on a Powtoon because it is a faster way for me to do this activity.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Saruja- Basic math

This is my basic math. I got 12 out of 12 and I also got trophy. This math skill was little bit easy to do because it got 2 digits number. play this gave and improve your math
Math game

Saruja- Math skill

This is my Math work skills. I did this on Thursday 5th. This math skill will help you to do your subtractions very quick. I did my math work and I got all correct. Bow I know how to jump backward. 

Saruja - Art work

Art work
On wednesday all the seniors students had fun with Mr Graham Dodd.
All the students have to take sketching pencil, pencil, colour pencil and Book for press on. There were R5,6,7,8 and 9. All the senior student have to sit in the row with their class. Mr Graham Dodd gave us a paper with small dots thats where we are going to draw the lines. When we are ready Mr Graham Dodd said that" we can start". We have to follow Mr Graham Dodd and we have to copy what he did on his paper. He started to do the lines on the dots, we also started after Mr Graham Dodd  . He did some shading so the picture will show up like 3D effect. When we finish colouring the building, people and the tree. We did the rainbow and all the people rainbow were looked great. Mr Graham Dodd colour the hill with light blue because it was far away. We finish all the colouring and the shade. The picture started to look great. I think all the student did their best and they were following Mr Graham Dodd’s instruction so they got their picture similar to Mr Graham Dodd’s picture. All the senior class room did well because they were interested and listened to the instructions and made a great effect.

By Saruja

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Saruja- Spelling

I did this spelling test with my group. This task help me to do my spelling correct and we have to write some sentence. I think you also can learn some new words from this presentation.

Saruja- Maori Mihi

Nga Mihi:
As you can see - everything flows from the mountain, through the river and the waka is on it.  Then the people settle so this is the order in which we say our mihi. If you have no waka or marae then just leave these words out.  REMEMBER that we are posting our mihi on the blog, so only use first names but you would use full names when sharing it in 'real life'.

Tena Koutou
Tena Koutou
Tena Koutou Katoa

Ko Lakegala toku maunga (mountain)
Ko Malvathu toku awa (river)
No Sri Lanka ahau (I am from)
Kei Panmure toku kainga inaianei (I now live)
Ko Panmure Bridge toku kura (school)
Ko Sarveswaran toku ingoa whanau (family)
Ko Sarveswaran  toku matua (father)
Ko Sri Devi toku whaea (mother)
Ko Saruja toku ingoa (my name)

No reira
Tena Koutou
Tena Koutou
Tena Koutou Katoa

My Mihi In maori