Saturday, 21 March 2015

Saruja- Story about Shavaughn Ruakere and Duffy.

Hi This me Saruja, 
Today I am going to talk about our visitor Shavaughn Ruakere. She came to our school for our Duffy assembly. She came to our school like reading role model. She was talking us about book. She said that she become famous actress by reading books. She also act a movie called Shortland street. She became a famous by acing Shortland street. I think all PBS students will read books and get better life. In  duffy assembly she was the one who is going to hand out the books. Our teacher ask that can we take a group picture with. She said " Yes".  This is the group photo that we took. We really had fun with her at Duffy assembly. We are so lucky to have a famous actress to PBS.

We will say a big big that you for Shavaughn Ruakere for coming to PBS and Hand out the duffy books. 
A big special thank you for our Main Fight for sending us a awesome books  to read.


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