Thursday, 2 October 2014

Holiday Reading 4 - The new girl in town

New Cover

If you could design a new cover for the book what would it look like?  Draw a picture.
Post it onto your blog with the following information.
- Title-Friends New Girl in town
- Author-Pure Mason Marilyn Easton
- Type of Book-Made up story
- Why your cover is better
My cover is better because it got lots of flowers and butterfly

Make a Recommendation

Who would you recommend this book to and why?  Write out who you would recommend this book to and give 3 reasons why you think they would like the book.
Post it onto your blog with a comment that tells you:
- Title Friends New Girl in town
- Author Pure Mason Marilyn Easton
- Type of Book Made up story
- I would recommend this book to...

I would like Akansha to read this book because she loves friends books and girls book . It also interested to read because it got lots of colours and nice picture.

Rendered Image


Isabella said...

Hi Saruja

It is really amazing with the amount of books you have read. It seems like you and akansha like the same books. Keep up the great work.

Ms. Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Saruja, I can't see your picture? You might like to try re-loading it.

Ms. K

Yvette said...

Hi Saruja,
the amount of books you've read is amazing. I like the logo 'Remember it cool's to read'. The reflection makes it really cool.

Keep up the 'cool' reading :)

Quaid said...

Hi Saruja. A tip is that you should post the tasks separately for more posts. Remember , More posts = More chances

Saruja said...

Hi Isabella, Ms Kirkpatrick, Yvette and Quaid for commented on my blog .
I think you also like to read like these book that I chosen.

Fine said...

Hi Saruja,
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see your new cover due to technical issues. It's good to see you enjoy reading this book. A tip would be to publish tasks on individual posts. Keep it up!

Yours Sincerely,

Saruja said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog.
I really enjoy this book by reading over the holiday.

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