Friday, 28 November 2014

Sam, Dog Puppy and Jhon -Food shop

This is my Food shop product. I have been created this product at Tamaki Collage at Tech with Mrs Anderson. I haven't finish all of my product,but I think I have done well Please comment on my blog if you like my Scratch.


Shaylah mokaraka said...

Hi Saruja
I really like your scratch video and your back round is very different to the others but other then that it is really good!!!


Fine said...

Hi Saruja,

This is a great animation so far but you should explain why these foods are not healthy. You should back up your point with fact. Keep it up though!

Yours Sincerely,

Mengchun said...

Hi Saruja
Your first few speech marks are too fast, and the ones after that too slow. also, add commas and the person with the orange suit seem to be standing on the shelves.

Yvette said...

Hi saruja,
I love the background you've chosen. Try make it more interesting by adding sound effects or more characters. Keep up the great learning.

Saruja said...

Thank you Shaylah, FIne and Mengchun I will correct those mistake that I did, and do it nice.

Raymond said...

Hi saruja

A few of your speech bubbles are to fast but keep up the good work

Linda said...

Hi Saruja

I really like your video on scratch and I want to see more and I really enjoy your scratch video and it looks like you had fun making this scratch video and keep up the great work.

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