Monday, 13 October 2014

Saruja- Term for Independent writing - My worst mistake

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When I was playing football with my brother. I like to kicked the ball very hard, so my brother said to me” play slowly and carefully”. I wasn’t listen to him. I was still playing kicked the ball very hard, and when I hit the ball high it went on the car, so the glasses was broken. When dad came out he saw that. He said to me “ Why did you break it”?  I said” it was an accident, so he was angry at me, and he said to me” don’t play football at house”. My dad also said to me that” he have to waste lots of money to repair the glasses for the car”. I said to my” that I made my dad feel sad ,and angry”. My brother said to me” that I already told you don’t kick the ball hard”.  I said “ I am sorry”. After that we went to a shop called Posties ( a glass shop). My dad was looking lots of glasses, but he doesn't like them. He saw a new glass and he brought that, and he also got the glass fixed. I asked dad, Are you happy?. He said “ yes I am”.


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