Monday, 28 September 2015

Holiday Reading ( #1 )

Make a Recommendation

Who would you recommend this book to and why?  Write out who you would recommend this book to and give 3 reasons why you think they would like the book.
Post it onto your blog with a comment that tells you:
- Title : Tales From The Swamp
- Author : Kingi Mckinnon
- Type of Book : Fiction
- I would recommend this book to Tim because he really like to read books that will make people interest and enjoyable. I think this books is interest and enjoyable to read. For this book I will give 10 out of 10 because it is very good. I hope Tim will like this book.

Remember It’s Cool To Read!!

This is A recommendation for Tim from me to read the book that I was reading during the holiday. Because it is very interesting to read that book. I hope he will like this book.


Fine said...

Hi Saruja,
You're recommendation is really specific and detailed for why Tim should read it. A picture of the cover might be nice, although you've already added a picture of it on you're other post. I can't wait to see more of you're work so I can comment! :) Keep it up!


Robyn Anderson said...

Another holiday reading activity well done Saruja! Next time you make a recommendation think about adding a little bit of information about what happens in the story as it will give people more of an idea about the story.

Linda said...

Hi Saruja
It looks like you have been enjoying your book. Make sure you have a fun holiday too keep up the great reading.

Saruja said...

Thank you Fine, Mrs Anderson and Linda for commenting on my blog. I will make sure to fix all these mistakes.
Thank you so much!

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