Monday, 14 September 2015

Speech about Refugees

Good morning everyone!
My name is Saruja and today I am here to talk about Refugees! How many of you realise Refugees need help from us. Families come from other countries for protection! I was once a refugees and I know what it’s like to feel unsafe. Refugees, are people from different countries and they are trying to get away from all terrorists, vandalizing their country.

When I was refugee, I know how it will felt to be in trouble. That's why I want to help other refugees. You should too!.  If you were their position, How would you feel?

My opinion will be always the same, we must help all the refugees by not sending them back to their countries to be harmed, murdered and property stolen.  

I want all refugees to be safe and help them feel the freedom like I do and help them to be one step closer to a happy future with their families in countries like wonderful NZ. Refugees need to be treated as like other people. It ‘s not fair to treat them like a animals!

Did you know that there are more than 10 million refugees  around the world? Is it a good idea to leave them like that? I don’t think so, because did you notice that 10 million refugees around the world, which tells me that they are not in safe situation. It’s not fair  that NZ are  going to  allowed 750 refugees to come here, but it will be better if it increased more like 1200 refugees. To help with this decision we have fundraise money to help them, otherwise we will have to leave them behind and let them get murdered in their country.

Did you know when I was younger, I saw children being killed in front of my eyes. It’s still happening and still people are getting killed. Starting from now, helping refugees is a good idea or is it a bad idea? What do you think? and What's your opinion?

Do you know I have a  way to solve this problem is to fundraise money to let them go to other countries that will keep them safe and help them to improve lot in their future.

Did you realise that refugees need help from us. I noticed that it will be  a better idea to fundraise money to keep all the refugees safe. If you don’t help them in these horrible situations, all the refugees will keep having lots of problems. Be on my side and help the all the refugees.


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