Thursday, 17 September 2015

Run Jump Throw

Run Jump Throw

Today Room 5 had Run Jump Throw with Andy. Andy taught us two new skills, and the two new skills are Shotput and Discus. She was telling us all the important tips for Shot Put and Discus. We have to listen to the tips very carefully, so we can do it in the correct way without making any mistakes.

For shot put, your body should be able to bend and twist.
When you got the ball first you have to stand tall by looking side way and twist your leg little bit to the right then twist your body to the left so it will be able to to throw the ball straight.

For Discus you have to do the same thing as shot put but the difference between shot put is that you have to throw the ball by twisting your body, but in discus you have bend , twist and clap.You clap the disuse so it will be easier to throw the ball hard and straight. But we have to make sure that when you are you discus you knees should bend and you legs should be able to twist fast.

  • Dirty finger
  • dirty neck
  • clean palms.
  • Chin to Knee
  • to all in row
  • elbows high
  • low to high and watch it fly.


  • Shelf
  • Should fall down if you hold the hand upside down.
  • 3rd knuckle
  • Swing arms
  • clap
  • bring down to back
  • chin to knee and toe.
Low to high and watch it fly.


Chelsea Donaldson said...

You have learnt some great skills in shot put and discus! you will be able to use them next term in athletics.

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