Sunday, 21 June 2015

Saruja- Homework ( Cars)

For this week homework we had to a DLO or Presentation about car.  I diced to do all about car parts and I thought it will be easy, but it very hard to find information about it. So I searched up like this How Cars Work? It show all the information about and I wrote them in my won word, so it will be interesting for reader. I also put the link, so people can learn more information that didn't got on my presentation.  This week homework is better, because I learn lots of information about cars and the main important this for car in engines.  I hope you will also learn some information from this presentation. 


Sanujan said...

Hi Saruja,

This is a wonderful presentation about cars. From this presentation I hope everyone will learn something. It's better that you took your time to do your homework.
Keep it up!

Your Sincerely,

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