Monday, 16 December 2013

Small animals in an estuary

Small Animals In An Estuary

Estuaries are important in New Zealand to find lots of food. Estuary water comes from mountains that meets fresh water in the sea.Estuary creature are living in an estuary.

There are Millions of creatures live in mud and sand. An estuary is fresh water thats meets up with the sea water and comes clean for fish and other things . An estuary water can be really cold for fish, shellfish, starfish and other things live in water.

Birds are living in millions of small creatures mud and detritus attacks all animals in forest. Mud worms live in under the sand so they can find food to eat.

Lots of birds are come to estuary to catch a lot fish in the water.Fish are food to humans , birds and other thing . Birds eats most of fish in the world.

Estuary animals and fish are important for humans and for world.


Anonymous said...

Hey Saruja I like you explanation of life's food cycle. If we didn't have any estuaries then their wouldn't be a place for our fish or other sea creatures to live and then we wouldn't have any fish to eat. I also liked it how you explained what an estuary is, I didn't realise it was sea water that meet up with water that follows down from the mountains. I thought estuaries were just a shallow part of the sea.
Keep up the good work!

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