Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Birdie in the sky

Choose your own

Choose your own activity that makes a connection to the book you have read.
Be fun and inventive!
Post it onto your blog with a comment that tells you:
- Title Birdie in the sky
- Author Pure Mason
- Type of Book Made up story
Birdie and her dad love begin up in the sky in their Tiger mouth, Peggybelle. That is , until a terrible actinet makes i\of life and death , and Birdie finds herself flying the plane alone.
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Ms. Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Saruja,
Try to make a connection to the book. Text to text, text to self, or text to world. Or you could do one of the activities from our class site.

Saruja said...
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Saruja said...

Ok Ms Kirkpatrick I will do one of the activities from our class sites.

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