Monday, 3 March 2014

Library skills

Using an index

L.I. - Library/Research skills
Using an index to find information quickly

Most non-fiction books have an index.  Like a table of contents, it lists the books contents and relevant page numbers, but in much more detail.  It presents the topics in alphabetical order to help your search.  Below is an example from a health book.


aerobics                    2-14
breathing                 9-10
carbohydrates      36
co-ordination         20-25
cycling                       32
diet                              30-40
diseases                   45-65
doctor                       40-44
drinking                    63
drugs, harmful      70-75
drugs, medical       60-65
exercise                    11-20
fat                               35
fatigue                      76-79
good health            80-90
happy                       91-92
hospital                    40-44, 48-65
hygiene                    93-94

illness                           45-65
incapacitated           45-65
injuries                         60-65
inoculation                 96-98disease
lungs                             9-10, 60-64
medicine                      45-65, 96-98
mental illness            99-120
moods                          99-104
pharmacist                 60-65
physical activities     121-150
rest                                 151-155
self-discipline              115-120              
smoking                       121-124
sport                             15-20
strength                      12-14
vigour                           140-150
vitamins                       64-65
weight                           30-35

Before you start highlight 4 words you don’t know and look them up in the dictionary.
vigour - the springing curls were a sign of vigour and health
cycling- The sport or activity of riding a bicycle. Cycle racing has three main forms: road racing typically over long distances, pursuit (on an oval track), and cyclo-cross over rough, open country.
exercise- exercise improves your heart and lung power
carbohydrates - Any of a large group of organic compounds occurring in foods and living tissues and including sugars, starch, and cellulose.

Why are there two index entries for drugs? Because that they are about the drugs
Which two entries will help you find out about tiredness and how to cope?   pharmacist    60-65 and injuries     60-65
Which pages would you turn to in order to find out about injuries? hospital                    40-44, 48-65  and doctor  40-44
Which two entries would you use to find out more about healthy eating?
lungs                           9-10, 60-64
medicine                    45-65, 96-98
weight                        30-35
breathing                 9-10
good health            80-90
drugs, medical       60-65
Which pages would you turn to in order to find out about the bad effects of smoking? good health             8- 90
drinking        63
On which pages would you find out about hospital life?  hospital                    40-44, 48-65

Why do you think there are two ranges of page numbers for lungs?
Because the page is told u about the lungs  9-10, 60-64
On which pages would you find out more about the healthy effects of sport?
rest                                 151-155
good health            80-90
weight                           30-35


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