Monday, 12 May 2014



If something biodegradable.
I will Break down into the earth
These things take 1 year to break down.
- Woolen sock
- Plywood
  - Cigarette butts
These things take 5 years to break down
                                                                   - egg trays
- Leathershoes
   - Milk carton
              Non biodegradable things do not break down
These ten things are  are not biodegradable and should be recycled
-Rubbish                                           -Styrofoam
- Glass                                                  - Nappies
-Plastic                                              - Ceramics
-aluminum                                                    - Tyers




Anonymous said...

Hi Saruja, It's good to see you have researched this topic well and discovered many interesting facts. I did not realize that it toke five years to break down a milk carton that's amazing. Five years is a very long time. Hopefully this will make people realize how important it is to recycle.

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