Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Saruja- Word Study

Reading Activity: Word Study

Your task is to randomly choose 5 new and interesting words from the dictionary and fill out the grid below.

Interesting word
The meaning (in your own words
A google drawing to show the word’s meaning
The interesting word in a sentence
Synonyms (words that mean the same)

It’s mean lots of fish swimming together.
I went to the beach and I saw fish are swimming together.

Reef and Bar


It’s mean a person has long teeth on the sides.
For Halloween I wanted to be a vampire so I bought some fangs and dressed as a vampire
Crook, Fingernail, Paw, Hook, Barb and manus
It’s mean a meat cut into small pieces.
My mum asked me if I can help help to cut the meat into small pieces to make curry.

Chop up and Cut up
A Robot is a mechanical device which is made out of both steel and metal.
It was my birthday and My dad brought me a present and It was a robot.

Automaton, Android, Machine, Golem
Certificate is a award and a document, that can use to find jobs.
At school there was a test for my brother and it was hard but he try his best and get a certificate for reading.

Guarantee, Proof, Certification, Document,
Warrant and


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