Friday, 13 November 2015

First Science Lesson at TC

Science At Tamaki College 

Today after tech, we had out first science lesson at Tamaki College. It was nervous to learn new things about science. Room 5 and 6 six were mixed up and separate into two groups.  One groups went with Mr Mahotra and other group went with Mrs Bunce. I went with Mrs Bunce, she was kind and nice. The first this that we did there was introduce to science. It was nervous but at the mean time I was really scared, because some teachers might like ask question before learning about the topic. But she didn't asked us any question before learning about the topic. After that she gave us small writes notes, so we can write our ideas on it. Than she show her presentation on the screen, which was looking nice. Then she started tell to write all the things that we know about science. It was really interesting that people know about science. She show show lots of slid and she told us to write all the things that we know. When finished writing the notes. At the end she asked us some questions and she had nine chocolates. She asked us question that we learn about science. Fine was the first person to answer the question, so everyone started to answer them as well. It was really interesting and fun to learn about science. I learnt half of information and things about science in one day. Everyone had a great time at Tamaki College with Mr Mahotra and Mrs Bunce. We wold like to say Big thank you to Mrs Mahotra and Mrs Bunce for taking time and teaching us about science. 


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