Monday, 19 August 2013

At the beach

On Sunday I ask my dad if we can go to the beach with our family. My dad said yes we can. He said to my mum “can you take our lunch to the beach. We can have our picnic at the beach.”
Mum said “yes we can.” My brother took his toys with him.
Mum said we can’t play at the beach with the toys.
He looks sad and he was crying. Dad said just leave him alone.
I said to dad can I call my friend too? Dad said yes you can.  Call now to your friend we will pick her up at her house. We are ready to go. First we are crossing the harbour bridge and we are at the beach.

Me, my brother and friend are playing with the ball. My friend kick the ball too high. My brother said to her I will take the ball. I said don’t do that I will take the ball or I tell to  dad  take the ball. Dad said yes I will take it next time you are playing again at the beach. Play very carefully. I saw three dolphins at the beach. They are playing together. My father is taking a picture. After we have  lunch at the beach . We finish our lunch and go to the water. We are swimming in there it’s so good and warm. The sun is top of the beach.

We finish our picnic at the  beach go back to home at 10.00 o'clock. We enjoyed at the beach.
‘What do you think about the beach?
A.We are happy at the beach.
B.We enjoyed at the beach.
C.We have fun at the beach.  I  choose ‘C’ Because we  enjoyed the beach.... ENJOY..........

                                                                                                                    By Saruja


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