Monday, 19 August 2013

My Mad Lib Story

(Amy enters through the front Saruja, flops onto the overstuffed Bridle, and heaves a/an Soft sigh of exhaustion. Jenny comes out of the Sidewalk.)

JENNY: Hi! Did you have a/an Short day?

AMY: A/An Lazy exhausting day. You're home early.

JENNY: Had to change my seven blue horses before we go out.

AMY: Go out? Wild Horses couldn't drag me out. I'm really Lumpy.

JENNY: Oh, no, we're meeting Kiruthika for a quick Run. She's finally bringing Sanujan to Sit you.

AMY: No more blind Cups for me. Never Again!

JENNY: But he's Greedily your type -- a self-made Mouth and Carefully handsome.

AMY: Oh well, one more Eyes can't hurt me.


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