Thursday, 28 August 2014

How to play Soccer

How to play Soccer

Students like to play soccer and learn the soccer rules.  Boys and girls are good at playing soccer.  At Panmure Bridge School our Principal decided to have a Soccer competition. The teams were room six , seven, five and nine.  When soccer starts, he hands out the bib. When you’re playing other teams you need to make sure that both teams have different colour bibs so you know who’s in your team.

We have to wear the yellow bib so people know that we are yellow team.   The team that is passing the ball, needs to pass it to another player in your team. The team needs to be focused and you also need to concentrate otherwise you won’t get any points.

In soccer there are many rules. The rules are you can’t hold the ball with your hand, you can’t kick the ball very high, you also can’t have the ball all the time you have to pass it to your team.  If the ball went out by the yellow team, then the blue team have to throw the ball in. You have to follow the rules otherwise you wouldn’t know what to do and you might get disqualified.
One of the team’s players has to be a goalkeeper, they try and block the shots from the other team. When the ball comes, you have to stop it, if you didn’t stop the ball they will get a point.   In your team one of the players has to stay up front to wait for someone to pass to you so you can try and score a goal.   

Boys and girls are good at playing soccer.  Soccer is not only for men to play, it can be a men’s or a women’s sport.  We have learnt a lot of new things from the Principal because he has taught us a lot of soccer rules.



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