Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dear Term One Saruja

LI- To Reflect on personal goals set in Term 1

Dear Term one Saruja,

Wow, the days, months and term have being past very quickly, yes I have done all the things that you wrote in Term 4 letter, because showing respect to your teacher is the most important thing. I was really pleased that you helped me to step in my learn .In math, now I am able to understand what does that question asking you to do. Achieve all the work, I am really that you I able to finish your homework in the correct time. From beginning of the term and end of the term I can see some changes that I made into my learning. Hope I can keep managing myself in college, so I can get the better result, that I got in term 4.

Thank you so much,
From Term four Saruja

This is my letter to Term one Saruja, I have achieved all the goal that I thought beginning of the term. In the beginning of the term, we wrote a letter called Dear Term Four Saruja, and now we have to reply to the letter, to say that I have achieved all the goals that I set for me beginning of the year. This task helped me to thing of the positive work that I did following the term. Everyone has some positive thing, and for me is Managing self. Hope I will keep my positive thing until next year and be the same student I were before. 


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