Monday, 22 September 2014

The fence

The fence
She was thinking of her pet cat, while the cat ran over the road.  She stood by the fence. Her cat didn’t come back to her. When she went to the neighbors to ask if they have seen her cat. He said hadn’t seen itl. She was feeling very sad because she never missed her cat like this before.  She was worried because the cat didn't eat her breakfast.  The neighbors cat called Sally and her cat name is Shala. She was calling their names but they didn’t come.

She was walking slowly around the street looking for the cats and she saw two tails was standing by the another fence.  She went to see it. When she went there she heard a sound kind of like her cat. She went closer there to see what was it. It was her cat and the neighbors’ cat was standing by the fence. She was happy because she found the cats.  She took them and she gave Sally to the neighbours and she took her cat home gave her a fish to eat for lunch.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful story Saruja, I am very glad she found her cat in the end.

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