Thursday, 25 September 2014



My sister wanted to hold a big wedding in France.  She is 25 years old, and her fiance was 26 years old.  We had the wedding last holiday. When she was getting her make up done, they gave her a red sari to wear. My friends helped us by cooking for people and helping decorate the hall. When she came out of the room people were saying that she was looking so pretty. She was happy, and sad at the same time because she was leaving all of her family member and going to her husband’s house.. Then the bride and the groom sit down in the place where the marriage will start.  

When the marriage starts. We all have to wear our culture’s traditional clothing. After the ceremony, the bride’s family pulls on a feast for the groom’s family. For dinner we serve rice and dal (curry) as the main dish, and roti, chicken, and biryani as the side dishes.  After lunch the guests leave, then the bride’s family and groom’s family share our cultural food called paniyaram. When my sister and her husband leave my mum gave them sweets to wish them happiness. She made, Ladu, Barfi, Gulab,  Jamun, and Pahara for us to eat.

When we finish eating pahar after my sister’s wedding, we went to the Indian tailor shop where we can brought a sari for my sister, as a present because we forgot to give it to her yesterday.  My sister really liked those sari and when she tried it on she looked so beautiful. After that we went home  and mum decided to cook curry to eat for dinner.

When we finished our dinner. Mum was making rice and curry for tomorrow, because my family and I  were going to the temple for prayer, and we have to give food for the god first, after that we can eat our food. When I were leaving I saw a bowl of ladoo and it was so big . I said to my mum “Can you buy ludoo for me when we go shopping?”  She said “Yes”. Then she brought me the ladoo and I shared it with my sister. It was tasty and good to eat.

I really liked my sister wedding in France. The wedding was big and well in France. My friends came to help us by cooking for the guest and helping decorate the hall for the wedding. Then the bride and the groom sit down in the place where the marriage will start. She was feeling happy, and sad at the same time because she had to leave all of her family member and go to her husband’s house.




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