Thursday, 27 August 2015

Kiwi Sport with Andy

Today we had Kiwi Sports with Andy and she taught us how to stand tall and run straight by looking forward. I thought it will be hard for me but I tried my best.  After that, she taught us that our hands need to be cheek to cheek so we can run faster, not slower. Then she taught us about the light feet. Light feet means not to put your whole feet down , just the tip of your feet. Then she taught us all about high knees. When your running your knees should be very high, so it will be easier to run faster and it won't make you tired. At the end she taught us in some races they will use some hard wood to clap, and she told us that when they running from distance they won't say get set and she told us that the runner never look at the starter, because sometime the starter might clap later, and their action will look like that they are going to clap. So never look at the starter. I have learnt lots skills from Andy and Now I know all the important things for running. 


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