Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Saruja- Direct Speech

Direct Speech

LI: To correctly punctuate direct speech

Use the information in your ifake text to help you write a conversation between two people. Remember our focus today is to correctly punctuate the dialogue.

Make sure you have:
  • Used speech marks to show what is being said.
  • Begin a new line to show that a new person is speaking.
  • Use the correct punctuation . , ! ? to show how the words were said (set the mood)

“Do you think the government breakfast at school?” asked Miss Saruja.

“Well, I think so, because 15% of students leave home without breakfast i the morning.” answered Mrs Evelyn.

“That’s a great answer, Do you think feeding students is it school responsibility? questioned Miss Saruja.

“Well, I think so, and all the student will be famous in their learning.” responded Mrs Evelyn.

“Your are right, but it is not school responsibility to feed them but it is parents responsibility to feed their own children.” thought Miss Saruja.  

“Your are right and I think I am also right, because in NZ there lots of poor kids who don't have an opportunity to have breakfast in the morning.” replied Mrs Evelyn.

“Do you think without eating breakfast it will affect the children?”
asked Miss Saruja

“Yes definitely, because if they are hungry at school they will think that they can't do anything , because they are not healthy.” cried Mrs Evelyn.

“Your are right, it will refidenthy affect all the children who didn't eat breakfast, and do you think without eating breakfast is it healthy or not healthy?”

“I think it is not healthy, because the must need nutrition to be healthy and to participate in all activity.“ wondered Mrs Evelyn.

Today room 5 were learning how to use direct speech. This is our conversation about breakfast I really understand that we have to speech mark begin and end of the sentence.  If the speech mark comes in begin it means it tells us the begin of what said.and if it come end of the sentence it means tell us who is gong say next. 


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