Thursday, 6 August 2015

Powtoon about Speech Mark

Today we were making a presentation about Direct Speech Mark. I worked with Evelyn. We made powtoon to show how many things we learnt about speech mark. I think we made 5 slide and we have add lots of informations. We worked really well and we learnt lots of things about speech marks. I hope you will also learn something from this DLO too.


Chelsea Donaldson said...

Hi Saruja, great job teaching the teacher about speech marks. I can see you have learnt a lot about how to write direct speech. I like your speech mark sandwhich picture, that is a very cool way to remember where speech marks go. Well done :)

Sanujan said...

Thank you Miss Donaldson,
I would like to thank Evelyn for helping me with this DLO.
Next we just have to add our Video and we done our DLO.
I hope some people will learn something from this.

Courtney said...

Hi Saruja
Your speech marks DLO is really good I really like how you added in examples of how to us speech marks.Good job

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