Friday, 16 October 2015

2x Math's DLO

Sajiha read a book with 6003 words in it in 4 weeks. In the first week she read 653 words. In the second week she read 497 words and in the third week she read 1183 words. How many more words did she read in week 4?

For this question first I added 1183, 497 and 653 which gives me 2333. Then I minus 6003 and 2333 which gives me 3670. So the answer is 3670. Sajiha read 3670 pages in week 4.

18 - 3 = 15
Third  of 15 is 5
5 x 2 = 10

Halatoa ate twice as many pancakes as Sebastian at lunchtime. Sebastian had another 3 pancakes for afternoon tea. Altogether they ate 18 pancakes. How many pancakes did Halatoa eat?

For this question first I subtract 18 and 3 which gives mes 15, than I found out that third of 15 is 5. After that I times 5 and 2 which gives me 10. 
So Halatoa ate 10 pancakes.

This activity helps me to add up in thousand and also helps me to lean how to divided. This is a easy way to learn how solve hard problems. This activity is very useful for me and helpful.


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