Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Holiday Reading (#2 )

New Cover

If you could design a new cover for the book what would it look like?  Draw a picture.
Post it onto your blog with the following information.
- Title : Tales From The Swamp
- Author :Kingi Mckinnon
- Type of Book : Fiction
- Why your cover is better

I think my cover is better because as you can see that I have apply some grass which is stay under that water and some bubbles. The difference between my cover and the book cover is that in the book cover they have apply lots of leaves and grass, but I just apply 11 or 12 grasses. I also think my cover is better because the real cover font is little bit hard but my font is easy to read. I think both covers are nice and colourful.

This is my new cover and I decided to d this because in my mind it says that the fonts is bad so should change it. I think you like my cover.


Linda said...

Hi Saruja

I very love your new cover of the book and I like how you create it and coloring it I love your cover and hope to see you back on monday

Ms. Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Saruja, I can't see your cover, can you repost it please?

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