Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Music With Mrs Anderson

Today we had music lesson with Mrs Anderson, because Mrs Eeles is still not better to teach us music, so Mrs Anderson decided to teach us music. Everyone did wonderful job by trying to keep up with each other while their playing. We had to play a song called “When the saints go marching in”.  We played this song on an instrument called Xylophones. We had to work in two pairs first then join with another two pairs to make a group of four. I worked with Evelyn, Tiare, June, Ducati and I. After practicing the song we have to share it with other groups. Everyone did a great job and they kept playing the song in the right time which made the song sounds good. Everyone had a great time. We would like to say big thank you to Mrs Anderson for taking her time to teach us music. Everyone had a great time by playing the song with Mrs Anderson.


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