Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Basket Ball ( Second Session )

Today room 5 had second session of Basketball practice. Last week we did lots of warm up and the warm ups were, squats, high knees,butt kicks, pivot, stance, relays and cup the ball and dribbling. This week we did that again to see whether we remember it. Everyone remembers that skills. Than we split in to four groups. In four groups we had five people. In my team there were Tiare, June, Courtney, Afu and me. We worked as a team and we were encouraging them to do the warm ups. After that we had a competition between two team. There were two girls team and two boys team, so girls against that other girls team and boys against the other boys team. Both team did a great job but unfortunately we lost but the other team won. We really had a great time down there with Coach Mark and COach Millie. I learnt lots of new skills from them. I hope I will learnt more skills from them during Term 4. 


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