Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Recounts - Story Swap

Creepy old house in the woods
On July 13th 1995 there was an old looking rusty house sitting on top of a crowed bush of trees. The sun was rising down slowly as it became midnight. I didn't wanted to stay alone outside in the pitch dark. The wind blowed strongly and strongly that it strangely made the door open. I thought to my self if it was the best choice to go in side or stay outside. I said yes. I took one step inside the house and it felt like I was walking into a ghost trap. I couldn't risk the chance of getting murdered so I creeped in a dark room alone.

There were blood dripping from the celling. I rushed down stairs and saw a shadow following my movements. I turned slowly panicking like if something was gonna pop up. I realised that there was a girl all alone in the corner  holding her teddy bear screaming out ''HELP HELP''. At this moment I thought it was just a normal girl just like me. I looked at her like I was solving a crime. She was just a girl who disappeared in mid air like thin dust. I had a shock,I fainted and knock my head on the floor. I was dreaming desperately to get out of the house. Someone started to walk up to me and say follow me. I looked around but I couldn't see anything yet all I could hear is voices.

Today we write a story about an abandoned building. We have to work in a partner and we have to write the story on a piece of paper. I worked with Evelyn. The special thing in this writing was each person have to write a sentence and we have to make sure that it make sense and we use the correct punctuation. After that we have to read it loudly and we have to find all the mistakes that we made. For us it was difficult because we are not allowed to talk. But without talking we wrote a lot of sentence and it helps us to think al lot. We really enjoyed this activity because this was fun and helpful. The things that I learnt from this activity was when ever you work with partners you find all the mistakes that you have made.  Hope you really enjoyed our writing. 


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