Thursday, 5 February 2015

Saruja- Letter

Dear Term Four Saruja

Hi Saruja , When you read this letter I think you will get what I am talking about. In order to achieve your work you have to study hard.
Now I am talking about your positive work that you have done this week at school. You are learning about PBS values at school and I think you have done it well. Did you really enjoy to studying in room five? I hope so because you are meeting your new friend and new teacher and you are also learning new subjects. Being confident when I am learning more new things and paying attention at school will help me achieve my goals. I know that you really like to do math and you always like to be the top in math at school, so you have to work  hard to pass your maths test at school and try to make your level high. You should know your times tables up to 12 or 13 because they are important for you at school. I hope you will work hard to achieve all your task that your teacher gave you at school and be happy by getting lots certificate and trophies.

Have a wonderful year, see you in December
From Term One Saruja


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