Friday, 13 February 2015

Saruja- Water Safety Current Events

Water Safety
Things you need to know when you are going to the water by your self.
  • Tell to you family where are you going
  • What time you will come
  • Take you phone with you
  • Mostly take your jacket with youThe area where the man's body was found.
   This is where the man body have been found..
A fisherman went fishing by himself, and he didn't wear his jacket but he put the jacket on his hand. In accidentally he fell of the boat and he drifted. Police were trying to found what happen and how did he fell? Police did not suspicious of murder. After that doctors came to check how did he dead, so they decided to cut his body and check.. The police didn't know how did the man how die not yet!
What lesson we can learn from this article is that we have to take the jacket with us when to the water. Phone to ring our parents when we are in trouble. we have to tell time when we come back  if we are late your parents will come and pick you up and tell where are you going.

These rules are useful for other situation not only for water


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