Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Saruja and Tiare- PBS Values

We made this presentation to know about PBS values. Tiare and I did this presentation I think we did well on this because we add image. I really like the colour that we choose because this is normal not bright or dark. I really like this presentation.


Saruja said...

In Tamil

Halō Saruja
nankaa unkal varkkam velai marrum onraka velai pakira.. Ninkal atai parri vilakkamalittar, enenil ninkal oru pipi'es patukappu vilumiyankal ippotu teriyatu nalla stail ​​ninaikkiren. Enkalutan panku nanri.

In English

Hello Saruja
We think now you know PBS care valus because you have made a presentation about it.. Thats good that you are share you work with your class and work together. Thanks for share it with us.

From your parents
Sri Devi and Sarveswaran

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