Saturday, 28 February 2015

Saruja- Word Origins With Mr Strang

Word Origins
01-04-2015- Mr Strang
From Myths and Legends

  • Adonis- Today Adonis mean that He is a handsome, strong, healthy and stunning young man. It also mean that they have a big muscles and good- looking man.
  •  Image result for amazonAmazon- Today Amazon mean it’s a big, powerful, fit and warrior women and she is a great fighter.
  • Image result for book mapAtlas- Today Atlas is mean a mathematics book and its a map of chart. And the cover of the book is map.
  • Image result for disagreeDiscord- Today discord mean disagreement and unrest between two people. For example: Two big women are fight for apple at the party.
  • Flora and Fauna- Today Flora and Fauna mean they are part of plant and Animal. Fauna mean that a girl is half man and goat. Flora  mean she is a young and she is a natural plant of county.
  • Image result for midas touchMidas Touch- Today Midas was a king who was given the power and everything that he touch it will turning  into gold and he is a rich man because he turn every things into gold.
  • Siren- Now Siren mean that its is warning sound and also a device that makes a loud prolonged signal.


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