Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Saruja- Thinking group DLO

This is my group strategy, and this strategy was fine's. I think she did a great job because this is the good strategy. The question was really hard to understand but we were trying our hard to get the right answer that everyone else get. I really like to do thinking group so we can work together and helping eachother.


Saruja said...

In Tamil

Halo Saruja
nam ninaithu unkal kaṇita enru ninaikkiren. Ninkal onraka velai marrum unkal kulu ninkal karuttukkaḷai pakirntu enenil nalla sṭail. Nan uṅkal DLO virumpukiren. Itu uṅkal kulu Mulopayam parri oru dlo nalla ceykirirkal enru. Nan unnai kaṭinamāka velai ninaikkirrn. Nayakame.

In English

Hello Saruja
We think now you are doing your math in thinking. Thats good because you are working together and share you ideas with your group. I really like your DLO. It also good that you are making a DLO about your group strategy. I think you are working hard. Keep up the great work.

From your parents
Sri Devi and Sarveswaran

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