Thursday, 5 February 2015

Saruja- Kiwiana/ Family Connection

I made this kiwiana poster because it was our homework. Kiwiana are items and icon from new zealand culture. In room 5 everyone did this homework and they did a  good job. Some people have more then one example, some people have just one example but we are still getting information from others.


Saruja said...

In Tamil

Halo Saruja
nan ningal āntu intha putiya viaayaṅkaḷai kaṟṟu illai enru ninaikkiren. Ippothu niṅkaḷ Kiwiana enṟu enakkut teriyum. Katinamāka uḻaikkum vaittu putiya visayankalai karru.

In English

Hello Saruja
I think you have learn new things this year. Now you know what is kiwiana. Keep working hard and learn new things.

From your parents.
Sri Devi and Sarveswaran

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