Monday, 25 May 2015

Saruja- 5 Minutes of Camp

5 Minutes of Camp

My heart was racing when I was about to climb the high ropes, I  still proud of myself that I accepted the challenge to climb the climb ropes. I felt scared. My whole body was shaking on the ladder.  I felt like I am ready to climb up the high ropes, I told the instructor that I am ready to climb up the ladder and \ I was ready to walk along the high beam. Then I was putting my foot on the ladder one by one to I don’t fall. On the high beam I saw trees, hunua falls and ropes. The ropes were shaking when the wind started to blow on it.  I felt scared, but my friend was clapping and cheering. That time I felt little bit ok.  I saw my teacher taking photographs of me up on the high ropes.  

Once I finished going up the high ropes, to the end of the high beam. That time I was little bit unsure, because we have to do some “Challenges”.  I felt scared and my friends were encouraging me and they were saying “ Jump! Jump! You can do it!”.Then I was thinking can I do it, but I was scared, so I got an idea and it was a good one. The challenge I try to do was star jump. I was little it ill, but I did it. Then it’s time to come down. That time my heart was pounding, but I trusted the instructor and I also trusted myself. Then I was on the ground. I felt so proud of myself that I did it. The instructor said I ‘PASSED’. Then I felt so peaceful, relaxed and happy to hear that word. I said to myself “I actually did it, YESS!”.


Saruja said...

Hi Saruja,
I think you did a wonderful job by write a story about your camp. I think you have use punctuation, because I can see Speech Mark. Keep writing and try to hard to get to the next level. Keep working hard and trying to move to the next level.

Your Sincerely,
Mum :)

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