Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Saruja- TC (Safety In The Food Room)

Safety in the food room

  1. Do not on the stove when you are not cooking because it will get fire around your food room.
  2. Do not put the knife around your food room because it will hurt somebody in your family.
  3. Don't put the curtain next to stove because when you on the stove the certain will get fire.
  4. You have wash all your plate otherwise it will smell bad room.
  5. You have to put the sup inside your cupboard or it will fell off on the ground.
  6. Don't put your plate outside because the children will come and drop it.
  7. Don't let the children on the stove otherwise they will get burn.
  8. You have to wash you fruite when you are started to eat otherwise in the fruit there will be a small warm.
  9. You have to wash your hands.
  10. Clean your plate when you put the photo on the plate.


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