Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Saruja- High Ropes ( CAMP )

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High Ropes

When my instructor said” Its me next”. My heart was beating so fast because I never did this before and this is the first time I am doing it. When I was climbing up the ladder, my legs was shaking and my hand was shaking too.  Once I was top I look down everyone was looking a rock because it was so high.  Once I was up the instructors told me to walk across the high beam ropes, and ask me if I can do some challenge. The challenge was” Star Jump, Push up, walking without holding the ropes, and walking backwards. I chooses to do a star jump and walking without holding the ropes, because I thought it will be little bit easy for me. Than when i finish doing the challenge it time for come down.  To come down we have face the instructor and sit half then took the feet up and push, so you will come down slowly. I thought this is a best game and it is little bit hard for me to climb up, but I try my best. I never try a hardest game before but when I went for a camp I try everything and I participated in every activities. I had a wonderful time at camp with my friends.


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